• Governing Body

  1. The Vice-Chancellor, BHU (Ex-Officio) – Chairperson
  2. Head of SATHI centre at Host Institution: SATHI-BHU, BHU, Varanasi
  3. The Director, IIT-BHU, Varanasi
  4. Dr Tasleemarif Saiyed, COO and Director at Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, Bangalore
  5. Rajesh Bhatia, Divisional Chairman, Indian Industries Association, Varanasi and President, Small Industries Association, Varanasi
  6. Bhuvana Nageswaran, Director, Fragnance & Flavour, Ultra International Ltd., Sahibabad
  7. Dr Rajiv Soni, Head R & D and QC at RAS Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
  8. Dr P.K. Banerjee, Vice-President, HINDALCO
  9. One DST representative- Head, R & D Infrastructure Division
  10. BHU Varanasi Faculty: Prof Sanjay Kumar, Department of Physics and Prof N.V.Chalapathi Rao, Department of Geology
  11. Operational Head/Managing Head of SATHI at BHU-Varanasi (non-faculty)
  • Core Management Committee

  1. The Vice-Chancellor, Chairman
  2. Prof A.K. Tripathi, Director, Institute of Science, Vice-Chairman
  3. Prof A.S.Raghuvanshi, Director, ISED, Member
  4. Prof S.K. Trigun, Coordinator, CDC, Member
  5. Prof Madhoolika Agrawal, Department of Botany & Coordinator ISLS, Member
  6. Prof J.K. Roy, Department of Zoology, Member
  7. Prof N.V.Chalapathi Rao, Department of Geology, Member
  8. Prof Sunit Kumar Singh, Molecular Biology Unit, IMS, Member
  9. Deputy Registrar (Development), Member
  10. Assistant Registrar (Dvelopment), By invitation