Includes equipment being procured and setup under SATHI-BHU

High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometer System (for proteomics and metabolomics) with Circular Dichroism Instrument.

It will be useful in
  • Identification of protein markers of cancer cells
  • Food safety and adulteration: pesticides and antibiotic studies
  • Pharmacokinetic studies for identification of target compounds in blood plasma in animals for pre-clinical and in human for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical
  • Clinical studies: In-born errors of metabolism (IEM), New born disorders (NBS), endocrinological disorders, Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
  • Forensic studies, toxicology and designer drugs identification
  • Comparing the structures of a protein obtained from different sources
  • Studying the conformational stability of a protein under stress (thermal, pH, denaturants etc)

Super Resolution Confocal Microscope with Live Cell Imaging and Light sheet model

The fully automated high content confocal cum live imaging system is very robust and has potential to help in a large scale screening and identification of lead compounds/ active principles/ potential biologically relevant molecules
  • Applicable for all discovery phase experiments
  • Generation of large scale quantitative data from wide array of biological samples
  • High throughput rapid screening of compounds/ drugs through multiple cellular parameters
  • Large scale In vitro/ in vivo screening of cellular dynamics/ kinetics in various disease models like Zebra Fish, elegans, Drosophila, microbes, cultured cells and clinical samples.
  • Understanding the role of dysfunction of various organelles in cellular and disease
  • Live cell imaging will be used to observe molecular cargo movements inside the
  • It will integrate imaging methods into systems

Laser Ablation (Femto) Combustion Gas Chromatography – High Resolution – Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (LA-HR-CGC-IRMS)

It helps in the analyses of stable isotopes (H, N, C, O, S, etc)which permit the tracking of physical, chemical, and biological reactions and source materials at a wide variety of spatial scales. It will be utilized for measuring:
  • C, O and S stable isotope ratios from minerals and rock to study  the  mantle  petrogenesis,  magmatic, metasomatic and hydrothermal origin and their crystallization evolution in the Earth. Sulfur and oxygen stable isotope ratios are used to study the origin of ore minerals and

  • H and O stable isotope ratios to study the climate change and precipitation in Indian These are also used in hydrogeology as a good tracer for their origin.

High Resolution-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (HR-NMR-600) with Solid State facility

  • NMR spectroscopy will be primarily used to determine the structure of known/unknown molecules in solution as well as in solid

  • It will also be used for the determination of purity, and harmful components of various stuffs of daily use such as foods, dyes, detergents, soaps, fats, oils and polymers.

  • Spectra can be obtained for most solids, e.g., pharmaceuticals, polymers, batteries, crystallography, glasses & It will also help in characterizing new catalysts, membranes, membrane proteins etc.

Nano-lithography system for 3D Nano- and large area-opto-electronic device fabrication and Characterization

It will facilitate
  • Fabrication and characterization of large area and flexible electronic and optoelectronic

  • 2D Lithography – 3D Printing and

  • Small series production of ultra-high precision

  • Assembly-free production of high-value optical components on

  • Tooling for moulds & subsequent mass production and materializing ground-breaking

Clean Room (1,000 class)

  • Clean room will be utilized as a laboratory facility as a part of scientific research

  • The role of clean room is to minimize the amount of potential contamination which comes from the environment, processes, excess number of operators etc.

  • The electronic, high-tech, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and industry depend on clean room

Photoacoustic Imaging Platform

It will be used for
  • Small animal imaging for brain function
  • Quantification and assessment of oxy and deoxy-hemoglobin
  • Pathological thrombus leading to heart attack and stroke
  • In vivo, real-time, co-registered visualization of nanoparticles in anatomical images
  • Developments of multifunctional and multiplexed nano-particles