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We are here  to secure your Maruti Suzuki Car. We provides in-depth Comparison on Insurance Brands which you can choose to Buy or Renew your Maruti Insurance. Not only the Comparison we also provides you Coupon Code for Maruti Insurance Renewal that you give some add-ons as well as can give you a Great Discount.

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Should you Buy Car Insurance Policy?

Car Insurance is one of the Most Important that every driver should have with His or Her. As if your Car Meets with any unusual Mishappening like Accident, Theft, Brokage or any natural happing(Earth Quake, Cyclone or any other). At that time Car Insurance will be with you like your Best Friend that is not going to leave you during any Financial Loss to your Car.  

Indian Roadways Act also Recommend you to have Car Insurance with you. So to make you safe we provide you Insurance Service to get Rid from any Financial Losses.

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Maruti Insurance Broking Private limited Provides you a in-depth comparison on Insurance Companies that you can prefer your Choosing the Best Insurance For your Car. 


You can also Make your Maruti Insurance online Renew through us.


Maruti Insurance Download – If you want to download Insurance Policy for your Maruti Suzuki then for you here we provide your Maruti Insurance Policy Download Facility. 

How to calculate Car insurance Premium

Factors Affecting Insurance Premium


Age of Vehicle

Vehicle Age is one of the Most Important factor used to determine the Insurance Premium. As if the Vehicle is old there are high chances of Damage to it as a Result the Insurance Premium amount also get’s increase on the behalf of Vehicle Age.


Fuel Type

Your Vehicle’s Fuel Type also Matters while determining your Vehicle Insurance Pricing. As the Vehicle Running on CNG’s and Diesel Insurance Premium is Much Costly then Vehicle Running on Petrol. 


Vehicle Model

Your Vehicle Model is also responsible to determine your Car’s Insurance Pricing. As a lot of Vehicle Mode are available in the market some are luxury and some are normal. As a result if your Vehicle is costly then it’s vehicle Insurance Price will also increase.


Your geographical location

Your Geographical Location is also a Great Factor affecting the Insurance Premium Cost. As if you live under area that is higher prone to theft then at that time the Insurance Premium Charges car is higher that normal.


Car Safety

If your Car is of advance model and having good safety equipment then it’s a Money saver for you. As Vehicle having higher safety will have low chance of suffering from any man-made tragedy like Robbery and Hence the Insurance Premium Price will be Lower than other ones. 

Reasons to Choose Us

Maruti Insurance

Get Instant Car Insurance Quote

Beside of any traditional Paper work you can choose our online Insurance Policy and get your Car Secured Instantly.


Compare Insurance Policy

Here You can Compare Insurance Policy of Different Different Companies that Provide you a lot of Facilities at the Same Price. 


Maruti Insurance Customer Care

Maruti insurance complaint – We are having a Fully Dedicated Customer Care Service. If you need any help related to Insurance then you can Contact us with out any Hesitation.  

- How can you Make a Claim -


To Register your claim firstly download your Insurance provider Application.


Now in the Second Step, Sign up or Sign in to your Account. 


Now Visit the Insurance Claim Section and there you can File or Request for a Claim of your Insured Vehicle.


At Last after filing the Insurance Claim you will get a approval and will be settled through your Chosen Garage.

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