What Young Adults Need To Know About Dental Implants

What Young Adults Need To Know About Dental Implants


Even a single lost tooth can cause long-term dental health problems and other issues that can have negative effects on our overall state of well-being, so it’s important that lost or missing teeth are treated promptly and properly. In most cases, the best solution will be to use a dental implant to replace the lost tooth.

As we grow up from childhood into young adults and there are no longer any baby teeth left to lose, the idea of a lost or missing tooth is not generally something we tend to think about very often. Even then, the images that would pop into the mind of someone thinking about an adult missing a tooth might be primarily of the elderly, or perhaps the stereotypical smiles of some pro hockey players. The reality is that there are many young adults who find themselves in situations where a tooth becomes lost, or must be extracted out of necessity. In cases such as these, a replacement artificial tooth in the form of a dental implant is often used in place of the missing tooth.