Go Digit General Insurance LTD

Go Digit General Insurance LTD

Founded in 2016, Go Digit General Insurance Ltd is India’s one of the Top leading Insurance companies. Go Digit entered the Financial Service Sector to provide Easy and Quick Insurance Service to their Customers. It operates in over 30 countries including India and is funded by Fairfax Group.

Go Digit General Insurance Limited is also known as Digit Insurance, is an online General Insurance Company that offers a variety of non-life insurance products such as Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Travel Insurance, Mobile Insurance and So more.

Go Digit General Insurance Limited Overview

Go Digit general Insurance Limited
Company NameGo Digit General Insurance Limited
IndustryFinancial Service
Founded In2016
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Key peopleKamesh Goyal, Philip Varghese, Sriram Shankar, Vijay Kumar
ProductsHealth Insurance
Car Insurance
Two Wheeler Insurance
Travel Insurance
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Mobile Insurance
Jewellery Insurance
Home Insurance
Customer Service1800 258 5956

Products and Services Offered by Go Digit General Insurance LTD

Go Digit Car Insurance

Go digit Car Insurance

Go Digit offers a Wonderfull Car Insurance Experience to its Customers as there is 0 Paper Work in Buying Go Digit Car Insurance. Go Digit offers Two Types of Car Insurance to their customers, i.e., Third Party Car Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance. Some of the most popular Insurance provided by Go digit General Insurance LTD are Maruti Insurance, Nexa Insurance, Ertiga Insurance and so more.

A Comprehensive Car Insurance is an Insurance Product with covers both the Insurance i.e., Third Party Car Insurance and Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance. A Comprehensive Car Insurance provides a Financial Protecting or Claim against – Natural Disasters, Man-made disasters, Third Party Liability, Accidents, Theft, damage by own and so more.

On, the Other Hand, Go Digit General Insurance LTD also provides a facility of Third Party Car Insurance. The Third Party Car Insurance provides the financial protection or Claim against any Third Party Legal Liabilities that occurred due to your Insured Vehicle.

Key Features of Go Digit Car Insurance

Some of the Rememberable and remarkable features of Go Digit Car Insurance are:

  • Zero PaperWork – As Go Digit is one of the Biggest and Digital Growing Insurance Provider. As a Result they takes care to provide more in less time and for that they are adopting a Zero PaperWork Facility. Which means that you can have any of their Service just with your Smart device.
  • Cashless Settlements – You can get your Insured Car Repaired with a Cashless Settlement Procedure just by Visiting their Assoicated Garage.

Go Digit Bike Insurance

Go Digit offers two types of Bike Insurance Plans i.e., Comprehensive Bike (Which Covers all the financial protection against incidents of fire, man-made disasters, thefts, accidents and related reasons) Insurance Policy and Third Party Bike Insurance policy (Which included the financial protecting Rider or the Insurance Policy Owner against any Legal Third Party liability). Some of the popular Bike Insurance Services offered by Go Digit General Insurance are TVS Insurance, Honda Bike Insurance and so more.

Go Digit Bike Insurance

Key Features of Go Digit Bike Insurance

  • Paper Less Claim – The Go Digit general Insurance provides their Customers a Paper Less Claim Facility. WHich means that the PolicyHolder can file a Claim Online just by Sitting at his Home.
  • Cashless Settlements – They Offers their PolicyHolder for a Cashless Settlemets facility which he or she can get by visiting their Linked Garage.

Go Digit Travel Insurance

Go Digit Travel Insurance

Go Digit General Insurance Provides a Variety of Travel Insurance plans based on the need of their Customers. They Not only Offer the Domestic Travel Plan but also offers a facility of International Travel Insurance Plan. These Plans Covers a Claim for a Lot of Reasons to the PolicyHolder such as trip cancellation, flight delays, delay in checked-in luggage, loss of luggage, loss of passport, medical contingencies,  emergency accidental treatment, accidental death and disability, e.t.c.

Key Features of Digit Travel Insurance

Some of the Markable features of digit travel insurance are as follow:

  • Paper Less Claim (Smart Device Claim Process) – Digit Provedes their Customers with a Paper Less claim facility which means the policyholder can apply for a Claim at any time just with his or her Smartphone, Laptop or any Other Smart Device. The PolicyHolder just needs to file a Claim Request and upload the Required Images.
  • Zero Deductables – GoDigit Insurance Comes with one of the value for Money Addons, that is Zero Deductables. The Deducatbles offers the policyholders from any charges made for filing a Insurance Claim. Which means that the policyholder don’t need pay any charges while filing any Insurance Claim.
  • Missed Call Facility – This is also one of the most appreciatabe service GoDigit General Insurance Limited offers. In which if the policyholder is travelling in any outer country and wants to contact with Digit Customer Support Service then the PolicyHolder can make a Missed call to this number 0124-6174721. After the Missed Call their Customer Support will call back you with in 10 Minutes and you can get their Support. Here the Good News is that you wont be charged any amount of Charges.

Go Digit Mobile Insurance

As the Use of Mobile Phone Usage is increasing day by day. and as a Result, Mobile Phone Insurance had become a major Insurance Product in India. To protect their Customers from any financial losses that occurred due to any accidental damage, Screen Damage, theft, liquid damage, e.t.c. This Mobile Insurance provides the same Insurance period as Acko Mobile Insurance which is 6 Months or 12 Months. The PolicyHolder can choose the most compatible one. But remember higher the Insure Period Higher will be the Insurance Premium Charges.

Key Features of Choosing GoDigit Mobile Insurance

There are a lot of features for choosing GoDigit Mobile Insurance:

  • Cash Repaires – Their Provides their PolicyHolder with a Cash Repaires facility which means that if the policyholder wants to repair his smartphone then he or she can request for Cash from the Insurer for the Cash Repaires.
  • Global Coverage – The GoDgit provides a Global Coverage facility to it’s customers. Which means that if you are living in any part of Globe then you can protect your mobile with the GoDigit Mobile Insurance.
  • Easily Assible by Anyone – You can get your Damage Phone insurance Claim no matters by whose fault it was damaged.

Go Digit Home Insurance

Go Digit Home Insurance

Go Digit General Insurance provides a Holiday Home Insurance Policy to their Customers, which protects them from any financial losses or risks occurred due to burglary, fire and natural disasters. The Holiday Home Insurance Plan is most preferred for the Customers travel regularly and stay away from their houses for a long period. The Intrested Customers who want to buy their Home Insurance product can visit their Official Website, i.e., www.godigit.com and get their home insured. This Home Insurance plan offers a cover against burglary, natural disaster, fire or loss or damage of jewellery.

Key Features of Go-Digit Home Insurance

  • Lowest Premium prices – GoDigit General Insurance LTD Provides a their Insurance Product @ a very Low Premium pricing that cost same to a Pizza Prize of Rs 199. That Coveres a Sum assured of RS 2,00,000 or 2 Lacks Starts from Rs. 199.
  • 24*7 Assistant – The Go Digit Insurance provides 24*7 Customer Support Service.Which means that if you are having any issue or problem then you can contact them at any time either it is day or night. They will assist you whenever you needs their support.
  • Jewellery Coverage – Digit Home Insurance provides you a Jewellery Coverage facility that means it covers Jewellery coverage for your Jewelly. Which gives you much more relife.

Key Benefits of Choosing Go Digit General Insurance

There are near to uncountable Benefits that the Policyholder can avail of with the Go Digit General Insurance Limited. The Plans they Offer have a great level in the market. Go Digit Insurance LTD focus on their PolicyHolder Satisfaction and comfort either while Buying their Insurance Policy or for Filing a Claim to Go Digit Insurance. Below is a List of Some of the key benefits of Go Digit General Insurance that Customers can get after buying their Insurance Policies by Go Digit:

  • Instant Online Quotes: Get Instant Insurance Policy Quotes on which ever policy or plan you wish for. All you need to Visit their official website and select your Insurance Plan and Make your Payment and your Insurance Quotes will be with You.
  • Affordable Premium: Go Digit general Insurance ltd Provides very much affordable premium rates to their PolicyHolders. All the Policy Premium charges as much affordable as a Pizza.
  • Transparent and Quick Claim Settelments: Go Digit offers a Quick, easy and transparent claim settelmet for their insurance products either it is Home Insurance, Car insurance, bike insurance and other too.
  • Online Purchase and Renewal:: Go Digit general insurance limited offers their customer the best expirence with their Digital Services. Such as they offers Online Purachse and Renewal of their Insurance Service.
  • 24/7 Assistance: One of Most Appreciatable Service provided by the Go Digit is their 24/7 Assistance Service. Which means that if any of their policy holder is having any query or facing problem linked to their Insurance Policy. Then He or She can freely contact them on their customer support service number at any time, no matters either it is day or night. You can call them any time. + Surprising Bonus is here is that you will not charge any chrages for contacting their service as their Customer Support service is toll free.

How Can you Buy Go Digit General Insurance Online?

How to Buy Go Digit Insurance Online

Buying Go Digit General Insurance Online is not a Big Piece of Work. As Go Digit takes care to provide the best product with maximum comfort to their PolicyHolder. Same in buying their Insurance policy is that much comfortable. So to buy Go Digit Insurance you can follow the below easy steps:

  • Step 1. Visit the Go Digit Insurance Website i.e., www.godigit.com
  • Step 2. Select your Insurance Product which you want (Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance and More)
  • Step 3. Enter your Required details such as Registration Number, Your Mobile Number, Your Name, Driving Licence Number or any othere required details.
  • Step 4. Compare and Select Your Plan.
  • Step 5. Add Add-ons according to your wish
  • Step 6. Make your Payment and Congralutions you Became Go Digit Insurance PolicyHolder.

So these were all steps that you need to follow for Buying Digit General Insurance.

Go Digit Insurance Renewal

Renewing your Go Digit Insurance is as easy as buying a fresh Insurance Service. Now if you want to renew your Go Digit Insurance then you need to follow the online way. As no Offline Renewal Way is available. To renew your Insurance (Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance, Travel Insurance) online, just follow the below easy steps:

  • Step 1. Visit the Go Digit’s Website
  • Step 2. Click on the Policy Renewal Button
  • Step 3. Enter your Login Id and Password and Login to your device.
  • Step 4. Enter your Required details such as vehicle Registration number, Vehicle Manufacturing Year, Vehicle Varient, e.t.c.
  • Step 5. Select your Insurance type
  • Step 6. Submit your Insurance policy details.
  • Step 7. Make your Payment and Your Go Digit Insurance will be Renewed.

So these were all the steps that you need to follow for Go Digit Insurance Renewal.

Go Digit Insurance payment process

The Go Digit Provides a Simple, Time Saving & Convenient online Payment Procedure. The Policy Buyers or Customers can make their Policy Premium Payment within a Few Easy Clicks. The Customer simply needs to visit the official website of Go Digit Insurance and select the Insurance product that he or she wants to buy after that make your payment with the digital payments method (Such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card and more).

So if you want to renew your Go Digit Insurance Policy then visit the official website of Go digit Insurance and Click on Policy Renewal. There you need to Log in and enter your Policy Details after entering details select your Policy. After Selecting policy just make your payment with the Digital Payments method (Such as Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card and more).

One Short – Go Digit General Insurance Ltd

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FAQ’s Based on Go Digit general Insurance LTD

Is Go Digit General Insurance LTD Trustworthy?

Yes, Go Digit General Insurance ltd is a trusted 101% Company for Financial Service in India. Digit Car Insurance is Spread over 30 Countries including India. This means that you can trust Go Digit for your Insurance policy with closed eyes.

How old is go digit general insurance company?

The Go Digit General Insurance Company was started in the year 2016 with their headquarters in Bengaluru, India.

Is digit good for bike insurance?

Yes, You can choose Digit for your Bike’s Insurance Policy. As they are having 1000+ linked garages which provides a Cashless Confidence for their PolicyHolder.


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