How to Get fastag for car

How to Get fastag for car

How to Get fastag for car – Nowadays, one of the Most Compulsory items that you need while travelling with your 4 Weiler is the Fastag. As it saves your precious time. Since the last Year Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made Fastag mandatory for every single 4 welders either it is your Car or any other vehicle. As a result, Fastag becomes mandatory for every Car as no Cash payment will be accepted on Toll Booths across India.

With the Fastag you can pay digitally involving Cash. As with the help of Fastag, your Toll Amount will be automatically deducted from your Bank Account.

Now, whenever you pass through Toll Booth make sure you have Fastag with you to avoid Waiting for a Jumbo Carline on fastag. Now, what if you wish to get Fastag for your Car. So in that situation here’s a Full Guide on How to Get Fastag for Car.

How to Get fastag Online

How to Get fastag online

There are many ways to apply for Fastag but the Most common use is to apply through any Digital Payment App(Paytm, Phonepe, Mobilewiki, or any other) or apply directly through your Bank. You can apply online with the help of Paytm. To get your fastag online, follow the steps mentioned under How to get Fastag for Car using Paytm.

After you Receive your Fastag for your Car place it on the Front Side and whenever you pass any toll the amount will be deducted automatically from your Linked bank account.

Document Required for Fastag

How to Get fastag for car

There are a few documents required to get a fastag for your car. It will not take a long time after uploading your document. IT will just require 24-48 hrs to issue your Fastag. But some time due to some technical issue it can take a bit more time. So below is the list of documents that you need to get fastag:

  • Passport size Photograph of Owner
  • Identity documents(Passport, Adhar card, PAN Card, Voter id or any other official document)
  • KYC Documents (Based on your Vehicle)

So there was the document that you need to apply for Fastag for your car. You can use any one like if you have only an aadhar card instead of a PAN card or Voter id card then you can apply through your Adhar card.

How to Get Fastag for Car

Fastag for car

To get Fastag there are 2 different ways i.e., Through Paytm, Phonepe and through your Bank. You can choose whichever way you feel comfortable. All the mentioned ways are 100% trusted and verified by our team. This full Process will take 24-48 hrs to get delivered to your Mentioned address. Now Without wasting your time let’s get fastag for your car:

How to Get Fastag for Car using Paytm

If you wish to get fastag with the help of Paytm then you need to follow the below steps. In Paytm FASTag will cost around 500 INR. So without wasting your time let’s get Fastag:

  • Go to Paytm app and search for “FASTag”
  • Click on “Buy FASTag for Car/ Van/ Jeep” Icon
  • There enter your Vehicle Registartion Number
  • Enter your Delivery Address and Place your order of Fastag for your Car.

How to Get Fastag for Car Online SBI, HDFC, ICICI and other

To get fastag through your bank account you can follow the below steps:

Video Demonstartion on How to Get Fastag for Car

How to get fastag sticker

To get your Fastag Sticker you need to apply for fastag. You can apply fastag using Paytm or your Bank. After applying and making your payment for Fastag your fastag Sticker will be delivered to your Mentioned address(Added while applying).

This delivery is done within a few business days but sometimes it can take a bit more.


Can I get FASTag immediately?

The easiest way to get Fastag for your car is to visit your Nearby Toll Booths. As most of the Toll Booths are linked with some Banks or any digital Payment Gateway applications. There you can use their application for your Fastag Offline with your Car’s Registration Proof and your Identity proof. There you can get immediately your fastag without any Useless Wait.

Can I have 2 FASTag for one car?

No, you can’t have 2 fastag for One Car at a time. As Fastag is linked with your Car’s Registration number. Due to that, you can not have more than 1 fastag for one car.

Can I Go Without FASTag

If we talk about today then you can go without Fastag but this will no longer be available. As Cash System is dropping and digital Payment is on the Hike. As per the Govt notice Toll Booths will no longer accept cash.

How to recharge the FASTag

To recharge your Fastag you can take the help of Paytm. In the Paytm under the Recharge section, you can find a Fastag option there enter your Fastag details and Recharge it.

How do I fit FASTag on my car?

Fastag is Delivered with a Sticker. You can peel its backside and Place the fastag Sticker on the Front Side Mirror of your Car. Make sure to place the Sticker on the Middle Top of the Window to avoid future problems.

Conclusion on How to Get fastag for Car

In the End, We would advise you to get fastag for your car as it saves a lot of time and makes a proper record of your Payments. It’s not that much had as people think to get. It is as much easy to cook Maggi. So make sure to move with the society and adopt the Digital Payment revelation under How to get Fastag for the car.

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