Maruti Car Insurance

Maruti Car Insurance

What is Maruti Car Insurance?

Maruti Car Insurance (also known as Motor Insurance) act as a Protection against any damage that may leads to Financial Losses to your Pocket. It Basically helps to Provide Protection against the Financial Losses occurred due to any  unavoidable situations. The Unavoidable Situations may Include Natural Reasons (Earthquake, Flood, Tsunami etc.,) or man-made Disasters (Theft, Accident, Attack or any other Reason). 

The Maruti Car Insurance is a Contract Between Two Parties i.e., Insurance Company and the Second Party the Car Owner who buys the Insurance. The Car Owner or the Insurance Buyer Pays a Fixed amount of Money in the Form of Insurance Premium to get Rid out of any Financial Losses Incurred due to any Unavoidable Loss to Car. 

Maruti Car Insurance

Maruti Car Insurance

Enter Your Car Details

So in the First Step, You have to Enter you Can Details Like its Registration number, Manufacturing Year, Model and little bit other details too.

Compare and choose

Compare and Choose Plan

After entering your Car Details you can proceed for the Maruti Car Insurance in which a full comparison will appear on your Screen. You can select any one which fits you Better.

Maruti Car Insurance online

Make Your Payment

At last Just Enter you Payment details and buy your Car Insurance.

Best insurance company for Maruti cars

In India a Lot of Companies are available who are Known for their Best Service and Insurance Claim Ratio. But out of those Below are Some Insurance Companies that you can choose for Your Maruti.

- Types of Car Insurance -

Compressive Car Insurance

A Compressive Car Insurance is a Insurance Policy Which Covers Both Third Party Liability as well as Own-Damage Loss. Which means that the Insurance Policy will protect you from finincial Losses occured to third party liability (Liability Occures due to Accident to Somes Property or Livestock) and Self Owned Damage Includes Damamge due to Accident, Theft, Man-made disaster, Natural Calamities and other. As it cover’s Both 

Third-Party Car Insurance

A third Party Insurance is a Insurance Policy that Provides you Protection against the Third Party Liabilities that Occurred Due to meting with your Insured Car’s Accident. As if you meet with an Accident to someones (Third Party) Property then you have to pay the owner to repair of that Damaged Property. Then it arises a Third Party Liability that is near to Compulsory to pay and at that time the Third Party Insurance helps the Insurer to pay off the Liability. 

Own Damage Car Insurance

Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance is a Insurance Policy Introduced By Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in September 2019. In this Insurance the Insurer only gets Claim for the Own Damage such as Road Accident, Fire, any Natural Climatic Condition or man-made disaster such as Theft. 

Benefits of Buying Maruti Car Insurance?


- What Customers Say about Us -

What is Covered in Car Insurance Policy?


Accident is one of the unluckiest Thing that Everyone wishes to not to meet with an Accident. As an Accident arises financial Losses to our Pocket.


Theft is unknow situation to everyone. As no one can get Rid of Theft we can only make us secure by Having a Maruti Car Insurance Policy with us. 

Third Party Liability

A Car Insurance helps the owner to pay off the third party liabilities that occurs due to Accident with your Car. 

What is not Covered in Car Insurance Policy?

Drink & Drive

If the Owner meets with an accident and found Dunked then He/She is not going to get the Insurance Claim.

Electrical & Mechanical Breakdown

Electrical or mechanical breakdowns of any nature are uncovered.



Depreciation is very common is every machinery and object in which wear and tear of machinery happens. 

Top 3 reasons to choose Maruti Car insurance

Car Insurance in 5 Minutes

With Maruti Car Insurance Service you can get your Car Insurance just in 5 Minutes. As our Service is also available online so that you can buy your Insurance as Quick as Possible.

Unique plans & discounts


Maruti Car Insurance is also know for its heaver discount compared to other. As we provides you extra discount coupons which will give you Discount on Buying Insurance Premium.

Dedicated Customer Support

Maruti Car Insurance online

We are having a fully dedicated Customer support Team to help our users. Our Customer Support Team will help you out on every single Insurance Related Query.

How To File a Online Car Insurance Claim?

If you want to file a Maruti Car Insurance Claim then you can go with the Online Method as this will be faster than the offline method. So to make a online Insurance claim for your Maruti Car Insurance you can follow the below easy steps:

  • Steps 1: Inform Your Car Insurance Company about your Car’s Accident. You can Contact them on their Customer Support.
  • Step 2: Get Claim Imanation number
  • Step 3: A Survey will be conducted by your Insurance Company
  • Step 4: After Approval, Visit your Nearest Garage or Your Insurance Company Linked Service Garage.
  • Step 5: Get your Claim Amount.

So these were all steps to claim your Maruti Car Insurance

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