Maruti Insurance Claim

Maruti insurance claim

Had you, unfortunately, meet with an accident? Then in that situation, a loss arises for you as to repair your Maruti car’s damage you have to pay for Repairing your Car. But if you are having Maruti Insurance then the Repairing Cost is not a Loss for you. As you can recover the amount by making the Maruti Insurance Claim.

Now here a question arises about Maruti Insurance Claim  that how can your Claim your Car’s Insurance? If the Same Question is with you too then you are most welcome. As in this Blog Post, we are going to make a brief discussion on How to Claim Car Insurance, How can you check your Car insurance claim status and other Topics too.

Here we go…

Maruti Insurance Claim

A Claim Process includes two ways – 1st one is Cashless Claim and 2nd the reimbursement Claim. Both the Ways are unlinked to each other and 1 is preferred at a time.

What is Cashless

What is Cashless Claim

A Cashless Claim is a claim that is made without any Cash Transaction with the Insurance Holder or we can say the Insurance Buyer. In this, if you are making your Car repair from the Insurance Companies partner garage then you don’t have to pay to Garage. As the Cost will be paid directly by your Insurance Company to that Insurance Garage and you will be liability-free

What is Reimbursement

What is a Reimbursement Claim

Reimbursement Claim is Fully opposite to Cashless Claims. As in this Claim Process, you can visit any authorised Garage and at repairing all the charges have to be paid by you. Then after some time period, you will receive your paid amount into your Given Bank Account.

Maruti Insurance Claim Procedure

Maruti Insurance Claim

Maruti Insurance Claim – Inform your Insurance Company about Accident > File a FIR in your nearest Police Station >  Take Photograph of your Insured Vehicle > Submit your Documents including your Insurance Claim Form > Ask Insurance Company to Send Agent for Investigation > Get your Car Repaired.

How To Claim Maruti Insurance

Now to claim your Maruti Suzuki Insurance there are 3 easy ways available. You can choose any one which you feel good and easy to proceed. So below are those ways:

  • Through Customer Support
  • By Contacting Maruti Suzuki Dealer
  • Visiting Nearest Maruti Suzuki Partner Work Shop

So these 3 are the ways through which you can claim your Car’s insurance. Now finally we are going to explain you a Brief overview…

Step 1.

Inform Insurance Company

Whenever By Bad luck if you meets with an accident then the first steps that you need to follow is to inform your Insurance Company. So for that you can make a direct contact with the Insurance Company or By Calling the Insurance Company Customer Support. Make sure that you inform your Insurance Company with in 7 Working days as it’s mandatory. Now By Contacting them you have to raise a claim for your Insurance Vehicle Damage and for that you will be needed to submit some Important documents linked with your Insurance Vehicle such as the Owners Driving License, Car Registration Number, Your Insurance Policy Number and Some other details too. 

Step 2.

File an FIR in your Nearest Police Station

Now after informing your Insurance Company about the Accident you have to visit your nearest police station and inform them about the Road Accident meet with your Insurance Vehicle. Filing a FIR is Compulsory if their is any Physical Injury or in the situation of Meeting with Third Party, Theft, Fire or any other Big Reason. You don’t need to File FIR if your Insurance Vehicle gets some scratch or any Little Damage. 

Now after Filing the FIR the Police will visit the Place of accident and investigate all the reason behind the accident whether it is because of Owners mistake or Machinery Mistake as well as will investigate about our reasons too.

Make Sure to get a copy of your FIR with you as is Mandatory to Submit with your Maruti Insurance Claim Request for third party insurance.

Step 3.

Get Photograph of Your Insurance Vehicle

Its the time to go with the Third Step. In which you have to capture your Insured Car’s Photograph. Make sure to capture its damage clearly as their photograph can be used as a Proof of your Car’s Damage. As well as their can be attached with the Insurance Claim Form. 

Step 4.

Submit your Documents

Now after colleting all the documents that you need to attach with your Car Insurance Claim Form. Then its the Time for the main Step in which we have to Submit the Insurance Claim Form including all the documents such as your Driving License, Your Car’s RC, Insured Car’s Registration Number, Car’s Insurance Policy Cover, FIR in some conditions and some other documents as mentioned below.

All the Documents should be submitted to the insurance Company or its agent. To know your nearest Insurance Companies Branch you can contact with your Insurance Companies Customer Support by Calling or Mailing to their mentioned address. 


Step 5.

Ask Insurance Company to Send agent for Investigation

Now after submitting your Insurance Claim Documents you have to ask them to send a agent for Investigation. As if the Agent is agree and Satisfy then you are going to get the Insurance claim Successfully. But if you are going with the cashless method then you can directly visit your insurance Companies Linked Garage and they will self verify for your Insurance Claim. 

Step 6.

After Maruti Insurance Claim Approval, Get Car Repaired

Contributions, as if your Insurance Claim is Successfully Approved then you can get your Insured Car Repaired for your Nearest or your Insurance Company Partner Workshop.  If you are not visiting your Insurance Company partner Garage then all the expanses at that time have to be paid by you and after a week all the amount will be transferred to your Given Bank Account.

Maruti Insurance Claim Form

.To Proceed for your Car Insurance claim you have to fill and Submit the Maruti Insurance Claim Form. Its easy to get the form you just have to click on the below download button and the Insurance Claim form will be saved in your Device Storage. Then you can make a Print out of the Insurance Claim form and at last you have to fill the form with the correct Information. 

Make sure there is near to no cutting on the Insurance claim form as well as all the details should be clearly mentioned on the form. 

Documents Require for Maruti Insurance Claim

Here is a list of some of the most important documents that are required during filing a claim for your Maruti Insurance. But if you are trying to file a claim from any other insurance company then there may be other documents needed for the claim. But are the common documents that are needed for any Car Insurance claim.


Maruti Insurance Claim Step 1

Claim Form Signed By Insurer. 


The copy of RC of the vehicle with its original keys



Step 3

Photocopy of Insured Car Owner’s Driving License. 


Step 4

Car’s Original Insurance Policy.

Step 5

FIR copy in the Case of theft.


Step 6

Photocopies of the PAN card, driving license, and registration certificates of the insured

Maruti Insurance Claim Status

Had you applied for your Car Insurance claim but didn’t got any response Yet? Then I will prefer you to check your Insurance Claim Status Online. This will give you the exact information about what response you are getting for your Insurance Claim. Now to check your Claim Status you can call on your Insurance Company Customer Support and they will inform you about your Insurance Claim Status. As well as you will also receive Messages or Mail for your Insurance Claim Status.

Maruti Insurance Claim Policy

Final Words

In the Final Words we just wants to say that its not that much difficult the get your Maruti Insurance Claim. Only if you fulfill and follow all the above mentioned steps in a Right way. Then there is near to 101% chance to get your Insurance Claim approved.

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