Maruti Suzuki Insurance

Maruti Suzuki Insurance

Do you own a Maruti Suzuki Car? Then as a Good Citizen, you should know that it’s mandatory to have an active Insurance Policy for your Car. Now if you are not having car Insurance with you then be happy as you are at the Right Place where you can get Maruti Suzuki Insurance.

So if here you can Buy your Maruti Suzuki Insurance for your Maruti Car within a Few Minutes. So now without wasting your time let’s make your Car Secure.

What is Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance?

Maruti Suzuki Insurance
Maruti Suzuki Insurance

Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance is also known as Motor Insurance is a contract between two parties i.e., the Insurance Company from where you buy the Insurance and the Owner of Maruti Car. In the Insurance Contract, the Car’s owner has to pay a fixed amount of charge in the form of an Insurance Premium to the Insurance Company with a Motive to get himself and his Vehicle Insured from any Future loss.

Two heads are responsible for any financial loss to your Maruti Suzuki Car are Natural Reasons (Earthquake, Flood, Land Escape, Tsunami, or any other natural disaster) and the Second Head are the Man-made Reasons (Theft, Accident, Attack or any other Man-made disaster).

Types of Maruti Suzuki Insurance

There are Three Types of Maruti Suzuki Insurance Quotes:

  • Comprehensive car insurance: A Comprehensive car insurance policy is one of the Costly Car Insurance Policy as it covers both Third Party Liability as well as the Own Damage Losses. Which Means that the Compressive Insurance Policy will cover your personal accident cover like damages to your car and the third-party liabilities.
  • Third Party Insurance: A Third-Party Insurance Cover is helpful to pay off the Third-Party Liability that arises in the case of Accident. As if you are driving your Car and meet with an accident and damage some’s property then its your responsibility to pay off its Repairing cost. Then it arises a liability for you there a third-party insurance is used to pay to the third party.
  • Own Damage Car Insurance: Own Damage Car Insurance Policy is newly introduced by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in September 2019. This Own Damage Car Insurance is liable to pay for your Self-Made Damage. It means that in this Own Damage Insurance the Car’s owner or the Insurance Buyers will only get Claim for his Insured Vehicle only not for the Third-Party Liability.

Car Insurance Add Ons

Maruti Suzuki Insurance Add ons

There is a lot of add Ons available in the market. But here we are going to talk about the Most Important one that you should select while buying or Renewing your Maruti Suzuki Insurance. So below are the Most recommended add Ons:

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Whenever you buy Car Insurance you must take care that you should always select one of the Most Important add-ons i.e., No Claim Bonus (NCB). As if you make an Insurance Claim to your car then your next Renew discount is deducted and with this NCB your Claim will be ignored and your Renew Discount will remain the same.

Engine Protection

As Person without Heart is nothing same as the Car without Engine is Little to Nothing. It means that it is important to protect your Car’s Engine. As normal Insurance covers the Engine Protection only if the Car Meets with an accident. But there are a lot more reasons that can damage your Car’s engine. So you must take care of your Car’s Engine and make sure to get an add-on for your Car’s Engine Protection.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Maruti Insurance Broking Private Limited for your Maruti Suzuki Insurance Renewal

Cashless Claim

We are having our Linked Service Garage all over India which ensure make your Claim Settlement Cashless.

Bonus Add on Covers

We love our customers and we appreciate our Customers demand for that we Provide some free Add Covers including No Claim Bonus, No depreciation cover @0 extra Charges.

Network of Registered Office

Our Registered Offices are available near to every area of India to help our customers anywhere and at any time.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance

Benefits of Car Insurance

Helps you to Stay Legally Complaint

As a Good Citizen of India, you should know that according to Indian Motor Act it is mandatory to have at least the Third-Party Insurance Policy. The Person found without having his or her Vehicles Insurance then he or She will be fined a Charge of 2,000 INR or can be punished with imprisonment of up to 3 months. So, make sure you have an active Insurance Policy if it gets expired then you can make your Maruti Suzuki Insurance Renewal.

Protects Against Third-Party Liability

A Comprehensive Insurance, as well as Third Party Insurance, is Responsible for Safe you from any Third-Party Liability. As if you are driving your car and by mistake hit someone’s car then it’s because of you. It means all the cost to repair the damage has to be paid by you. In short, it arises your liability toward a third party. There Comprehensive or Third-Party Insurance takes a stand to pay off your Liability as mentioned in the Insurance Contract. 

Protects Against Own-damage

A Comprehensive and Own-Damage Insurance are Responsible for safe you from Financial Losses accrued due to yourself. As if you are parking your car and by mistaken hit, something and your car got some damage then at that time Comprehensive and Own-damage Insurance will help you out as they will save you from financial loss that occurs to repair your Car’s Damage.

Not just these but there are a lot more benefits of having Maruti Suzuki Insurance.

How to Buy Maruti Suzuki Insurance Online?

Now to Buy Maruti Suzuki Insurance you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1: Compare and choose your Wished Insurance Policy.
  • Step 2. Visit your Chosen Insurance Provider Website.
  • Step 3. Choose your Plan and Go to Checkout.
  • Step 4. Enter asked details such as your Car’s Registration Number, Your Car’s Model, Owner Driving License and other.
  • Step 5. Confirm your Order and Make Payment.

FAQ’s – Maruti Suzuki Insurance

how to claim Maruti Suzuki insurance?

Making a Maruti Suzuki Insurance Claim is not a Long Process. As World is Developing with the Internet as a Result we are Also developing for our customers.
Now to Make an Insurance Claim just Follow these Steps:
 Inform Your Car Insurance Company about your Car’s Accident > Get Claim Imagination number > A Survey will be conducted by your Insurance Company > After Approval, Visit your Nearest Garage or Your Insurance Company Linked Service Garage.

What is the benefit of Maruti insurance?

There are a lot of Benefits of Having Maruti Insurance such as Car Insurance Helps you to stay Legally compliant, Protect you against Third Party Liability, Protect you against Own-Damage Losses and So more.

How much time does a claim of insurance take place in Maruti Suzuki?

Normally, a Maruti Suzuki Insurance Claim takes around 30 days to make a Successful Claim.
Insurance Claim is not a long run Process, normally it’s getting digital and as a result, Most of the Insurance Claims are Granted within 1 Day. But Some times it can take a bit more time up to 30 days to make a Claim.

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