Shriram General Insurance

Shriram general insurance

Shriram general insurance Company Overview

Shriram General Insurance is a General Insurance Company that Started 10 Years ago in India. It is a joint venture enterprise between Shriram Group and South African financial services group Sanlam Limited. In which the Shriram Group owns 74% of the Stakes of the Company and on the other side the remaining 24% of the Stakes are owned by the South African financial services group. The CEO of Shriram General Insurance is one of the most popular personalities that is Mr Jasmit Singh Gujral.

The Company was founded in 2008 and was licenced by the IRDAI – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The General Insurance Company is getting completely complaining with the Digital India Mission in which the Company is following an advance and online led-insurance module, due to which all the functions and operations of the firm and digitally offered to their customers.

With their online platform (Website address Https:// the company has shot out almost every type of Paperwork linked to the insurance Service and managed to offer a wider range of customers in India. Shriram General Insurance Serves a variety of Insurance Services and Products which including Car Insurance, 2 Wheeler Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Travel Insurance, Fire Insurance and So many other Products.

Shriram General Insurance Company Statistics

Shriram General Insurance Company has Grown from a Small Group to a Large Group of Professional Staff. Since the General Insurance Company establishment, the Company has built its association with a lot of Big Enterprises. Apart from these achievements, the Firm has achieved a High Market Value as well as has earned some remarkable figures too, which are as follow:

Claim Settlement Ratio 77.26% in FY20
Network Garages2065+
Presence209+ Locations
Emergency Assistance24*7 Available
Third-Party CoverAvailable
Policies Issued17 lakh+ in FY20

Awards and Achievements of Shriram General Insurance Company

Awards and Achievements of Shriram General Insurance Company

With a Wider Range of Products and Support Service performance, the Shriram General Insurance Company has been praised on different platforms. Below are some awards and recognition of the firm:

  • Best General Insurance Company of The Year 2019
  • Amiable Insurer in the non Life Insurance 2018
  • Fincare Small Finance Bank Valued Customers
  • Excellence in Growth Award 2012

Products and Services Offered by Shriram Insurance

Being one of the Most Reputed Companies, the Shree Ram General Insurance Company takes care of their Customer’s Demands. To Satisfy their Customers they provide all General Insurance Products. SGI offers Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Accidental Insurance, Third Party Insurance and other Products too.

Shriram General Car Insurance Policy

Shriram General Car Insurance Policy

Shriram General Insurance offers a variety of Insurance services including the Car Insurance Policy also known as the Four Wheeler Insurance Policy. Shriram offers three types of Car Insurance Policy that are:

Shriram Comprensive Car Insurance

A Comprehensive Car Insurance is a Full Car Insurance that includes both Insurance Services i.e., Own-damage Insurance and Third-Party Insurance. This means that the Comprehensive Insurance will protect you against third party liability as well as will also protect you from financial losses that occurred due to theft, fire, burglary, explosion, earthquakes, strikes, riots, floods, accidents, cyclones, terrorist activities and malicious acts.

Shriram Own-Damage Car Insurance

An Own-Damage Insurance is like Personal Car Insurance that Protects the Policy Holders against the Financial losses that occurred due to theft, fire, burglary, explosion, earthquakes, strikes, riots, floods, accidents, cyclones, terrorist activities and malicious acts. Own-Damage Insurance due not protect the policyholder from third party liability.

Shriram Third Party Car Insurance

A Third-Party Insurance is a Motor Insurance type that protects the policyholder from any financial losses that occurred to a third party. The Third Party Car Insurance does not cover any claim linked to personal damage.

Important – The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India advises Vehicle owners or drivers to have minimum Third Party Insurance.

Shriram Car Insurance also provides some Value for Money Add-ons such as NCB – No Claim Bonus at a low rate than the market prices. Apart from this if you are already having a Car Insurance Policy with you then also Shriram provides you with a customer support service which will help you out with your problem as their customer support is available 24*7.

The Company Provides Car Insurance online Service which allows users to Buy & Renew their Insurance Policy. Not only this the Company also provides customers to make haselfree cashless claims at the associated Garage. Shriram General Insurance also takes care that Customers get Faster Claim and allow them to track their claim online.

How Can You Buy Car Insurance Policy from Shriram?

  • Visit the Official Website of Shriram General Insurance i.e.,
  • Now Go to Car Insurance Service
  • Here You will See 4 options that are Renew Shriram Policy, Renew Other Insurance Policy, Buy Online for New Vehicle and Buy from Saved Quotes.
  • Choose the Most appropiate option.
  • Next to it you will be needed to enter you car details such as Car’s Registration number, Car’s Year of Manufacturing and some other details.
  • At Last Make the Payment and the Car Insurance Quotes will be Purchased Sucessfully.

Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Shriram General Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Shriram General Insurance has given a big surprise to its customers about their latest two-wheeler insurance Service which will be served in every part of India. As the Two-Wheeler Owners has a lot of Stress of suffering any financial losses due to their two-wheeler and by the Introduction of Shriram 2 Wheeler Insurance the owners don’t have to worry anymore.

The Firm aims to protect their policyholders from any financial losses incurred due to repair or replacement of any parts of their 2 wheeler eventuality due to an accident or theft. Not only the Accident or Repairing Benefits the Shriram 2-wheeler Insurance also provides you with the Third Party Claim Benefits.

In Short, with Shriram two-wheeler General Insurance you can get an Insurance claim under both conditions either it is man-made(Such as Terrirest attract, theft, strike, riot, accident) and for natural Reason(Such as fire, self-ignition or lightning, explosion, flood, earthquake, hurricane, storm, typhoon, inundation, tempest, hailstorm, cyclone, landslide, frost, rockslide) as well as you will also get a claim for the third party liability.

Bonus – The availability of enhanced protections through Nil Depreciation add-on cover is also available with Shriram General Insurance

Shriram General Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Shriram General Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Shriram GI also provides a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Facility in which the Customer can ensure any asset whether it is high value or low value. The policyholders can be assured about their Commercial assets with the help of their Shriram Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

Shriram Health Insurance Policy

Shriram health Insurance Policy is the Insurance Policy Specially framed to help out the policy Holders at the time of medical emergency. The Health Insurance Policy Protects the policyholders from any financial losses occurred due to bad health, Accident or planned hospitalisation. The Health Insurance Policy covers cashless hospitalization facilities to the policyholder. In which if the Policyholder is willing to get treatment or get hospitalized then all the expenses as mentioned in the Insurance Policy Document will be covered by the Insurance Company.

The Shriram General Insurance Company holds a wider range of associated hospitals where the policyholders can get cashless treatment at no hidden charges.

Shriram General Home Insurance Plans

Shriram General Home Insurance Plans

In the 21st Century, Home Insurance is as much Important as Health Insurance. As Home and Health, both are necessary to us and no one can live happily without Health and a Sweet Home. So to Secure a Home, it should be a responsibility to secure it. Shriram Home Insurance Policy Covers the structure of your home, and also several perils that could damage your property. The Home Insurance Policy Covers a lot of damages occur due to the following reasons:

  • Fire (excluding own fermentation, spontaneous combustion or natural heating, drying process or undergoing heating, burning of property by the order of public authority).
  • Lightning.
  • Explosion / Implosion (excluding economizers, boilers, vessel in which steam is generated).
  • Aircraft Damage (excluding loss or damage caused by pressure waves).
  • Impact Damage by road vehicles/ rail not belonging to the insured or their employee.
  • Strike, Riots, Malicious damage – physical damage by external violent means.
  • Bursting, over-flowing of water tanks, Pipes and Apparatus.
  • Storm, Typhoon, Tempest, Cyclone, Hurricane, Flood, Tornado, and Inundation.
  • Subsidence, Rockslide / Landslide.
  • Leakage of automatic Sprinkler (excluding alteration or repair of the building).
  • Missile testing Operations.
  • Bush Fire (excluding forest fire).

Shriram General Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Shriram General Overseas Travel Insurance Policy is one of the trendiest Insurance Policies amount tourists in India. This Policy is fully designed to full fill near all the requirements of an individual tourist who is planning for a holiday or a Business Trip. Shriram General Insurance offers you 3 types of Travel Insurance Policy all are based on your requirements. Any Individual Tourist can choose his or her Overseas Travel Insurance Policy as per their wish.

Travel policies from Shriram General Insurance offer coverage such as medical expenses coverage, repatriation of mortal remains, cashless hospitalization worldwide, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, dental treatment, travel delay, loss of passport, personal liability, personal accident, hijack distress, trip cancellation & interruption, financial emergency assistance, missed connection, etc and many more.

Other Insurance Policy Offered By Shriram General Insurance Company

Shriram Insurance

Apart from some above Insurance services the Shriram General Insurance Company also provides some other Insurance Products and Services which are discussed below:

Fire Insurance

  • The fire Insurance works like a Fire Fighter for the Policy Holder as it will cover all the finicial losses occured due to fire as mentioned in the Fire Insurance Policy. Shree Ram Insurance Company also provides you a Fire Insurance Product which makes the policy holder relaxed from the risk occured due to fire.

Engineering Insurance

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy, Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy, Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy, Contractor’s Plant and Machinery Insurance, Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy, Erection All Risk Insurance Policy.

Liability Insurance

  • Product Liability, Public Liability- Non Industrial, Public liability- Act, Workman Compensation Insurance,  Error & Omissions- for Medical Establishments, Commercial General Liability, Professional Indemnity- for Doctors and Other Than Doctors.

Marine Insurance

Shri Suraksha Insurance

Householder’s Umbrella Package Insurance

Shopkeeper Umbrella Insurance Policy

Fidelity Guarantee Policy

Burglary Insurance

All Risk Insurance

Business Protector Policy

Shriram General Insurance Renewal Online

If you are having a Shriram Insurance but its expiry date is getting close then you should renew it as soon as possible. As the policy gets expires then it’s not more than a piece of paper and it will not help you so you should renew it as renewal of an Insurance Policy is as important as a fresh purchase. One another reason for renewing the Insurance policy before expiry is that after breaking in renewal, the policyholder will lose the NCB – No claim bonus from his Insurance Quotes.

So to renew your Shriram General Insurance Policy you can go with the paperless method which means that you can renew your policy online. As the Insurance will be renewed digital/online a result will not take any time.

To Renew Your Policy, ALl you need to do is to visit the Shriram General Insurance Website and click on the “QUICK RENEWAL” Button available on the top. A New Page will appear and you need to enter your policy number and click on the Click on Proceed option. After that, you need to make your payment for your Policy Renewal and after a successful payment, an Invoice and a Shriram Insurance Policy will be sent to your linked mail address.

So these were the easy steps to renew your Shriram General Insurance online.

Shriram Insurance Claim

Shriram Insurance Claim

The reason why we promote customers to buy Shriram General Insurance is that their Insurance Claim Process is very much comfortable and time-saving. So to make the claim you need to follow the below steps:

  • Step 1. Collect all the necessary documents linked to your Insured Product by Shriram General Insurance.
    • Shriram Insurance Policy Number
    • Date and time of misshappening
    • Survey location, where vehicle can be surveyed by the loss assessor of Shriram General Insurance
    • Name of driver, hsi or her driving licence photo copy.
    • Insured Contact number
  • Step 2. After Collecting all the above documents you need to contact the Shriram General Insurance Customer Care. For that you can either mail them or directly call them on their ctoll free customer care numcber.
  • Step 3. The Shriram Insurance Customer Care will verify your Claim request and provide you a claim Request Number.
  • Step 4. They will send their Professional to verify your Claim and after approval you can get your Vehicle Repaired at the Shriram Linked or associated garage.

Should Your Prefer Shri Ram Insurance Policy?

Shriram General Insurance hosts a variety of features for their policyholders. Some of the remarkable benefits are mentioned below:

  • Affordable Premium Rates: Shriram GI offers a variety of Premium plans that fits the policyholders pocket. The Insurance Plans are disigned in a Cost-effective manner in which the policyholders can get the best at minimum charges.
  • Zero Paper Work: Shriram Insurance online platform is designed in a manner in which the policyholders can proceed their request either for Buying, Renewing, Customer Support or any request in a time saving manner. All thanks to their Digital Service.
  • Easy Claim Settelments: The firms tries to serve their insurance claim request for their policyholders totally stress free. The PolicyHolders can filetheir insurance claim through a fully dedicated customer support them.
  • Trusted Insurance Brand: Shriram General Insurance is licenced by the IRDAI – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India and is also trusted by India’s Insurance Brokers Such as InsuranceDekho, PolicyBazaar and other too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Owner of Shriram General Insurance?

Shriram General Insurance is a Joint Venture between Shriram Group and South African financial services group Sanlam Limited

For how many categories does Shriram General Insurance offer insurance policies?

Shriram General Insurance offers a variety of Insurance Policies such as Car Insurance, 2 Wheeler Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance and so more.

Can I avail cashless facility with Shriram General Insurance Plan?

Yes, you can avail of a Cashless Claim facility with Shriram Insurance Plan as Shriram is associated with 2065+ garages.

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