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About TVS Insurance

TVS Insurance, also known as a two-wheeler insurance policy is a Contract Between a TVS Two Wheeler Owner and the Insurance Provider, where the Insurer (Insurance Provider) Covers the Cost of damages to the Scooters or MotorCycle, Third-Party Liability or sometimes ever to the Two-Wheeler Owner. The TVS Insurance essentially protects the Bike Owner from any financial losses occurred by the occurrence of any unforeseen accident such as accident, theft, any disaster (Man-Made or Natural).

TVS Insurance
TVS Insurance

Types of TVS Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Types of TVS Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

Comprehensive Insurance Plan

A Comprehensive Insurance Plan is a Bike Insurance Policy that protects the Bike Owner from legal third party liability as well as against any own damage to his vehicle. It Shields your Pocket from any financial losses that occurred by your bike from incidents of fire, man-made disasters, thefts, accidents and related reasons. Comprehensive TVS Insurance also provides you with a personal accident cover in case you meet with an accident injury while driving your TVS Motor Bike or TVS Scooter.

Own Damage Insurance Plan:

A Standalone Insurance Plan is a Bike Insurance Policy that only protects the Rider or the Policy Holder for the damage only to the Insured Bike. No other Charges such as Third-Party claims will be covered in the Standalone own-damage TVS Insurance.

Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan:

A third-Party bike Insurance plan is a Type of Insurance Policy that protects the Rider or the Insurance Policy Owner from any Legal Third Party liability. It safeguards the rider from all the legal third party obligations that occurred due to accidental meet with any third party. The Third-Party Car be a Person or any Asset.

Important – As Per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, every vehicle owner (Including Two Wheeler such as Bikes and Scooters) must have at least a Third Party Insurance with his or her while driving on Indian Public Roads. The Person found without the Third Party Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance will be charged a Penalty in the form of imprisonment or Fine also known as Chalan.

FactorsComprehensive InsuranceThird-Party Bike InsuranceStandalone Own Damage Insurance
Scope of CoverageWiderNarrow Narrow
Third-Party CoverageCoveredCoveredNot Covered
Own Damage CoverageCoveredNot CoveredCovered
Personal Accidental CoverageAvailableNot Available
Premium RateHighLowLow
Mandatory of LawNoYesNo

Why Should You Buy A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

You Should Buy a Comprehensive Insurance as Buying a Comprehensive Bike Insurance instead of Third-Party Insurance is a Smart Choice because it provides you with Superb Benefits. As the Comprehensive Insurance will protect you from financial losses that occurred due to Fire, Self-ignition, explosion, accident, any damage that occurred to your Bike, any Physical Injury that occurred to Third parties, accidental, death or the compensation occurred to the owner (Driver of the Car). But in the Third Party Insurance, the Policy Holder only gets the claim for the Third Party i.e., Third Person or Asset.

These are the main reason why every Insurance Broker including us (anandkanan. in) advises you to buy a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

Buy TVS Two-Wheeler Insurance

Buy TVS Two-Wheeler Insurance

As mentioned above, it’s compulsory for all Vehicles including the Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler to have at least a third-party Insurance Cover to ride on Indian Public Roads. Buying a Good Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Such as Comprehensive will offer the Insurance Policy Owner with the Coverage which may arise due to any mishappening such as Accident, Fire, Theft and so more. In Case, You are not having an Active Insurance Policy for Your Two Wheeler and By bad luck caught by the Cops riding a bike on public roads, then you could be charged a fine of up to 2,000 INR or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

So You Should Buy a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for your TVS to get safe from any financial Losses or imprisonment.

TVS Insurance Price

TVS Two-Wheeler ModelThe variant of the BikeIDV*Zero Depreciation Price* (INR)Premium* (INR)
TVS Apache RTR 160 4VSingle Disc ABS38220NA1716 approx
TVS JupiterZX Disc29293 NA 1076 approx
TVS VictorPremium Edition SBT27653 NA 1066 approx
TVS SportKick Start Spoke27641 NA 1066 approx
TVS XL100STD17150 NA 998 approx
TVS NTORQ 125Race Edition44007 NA 1075 approx
TVS RadeonDrum Special Edition25107 NA 1049 approx
TVS Scooty Pep Pluspep21634 NA 1027 approx
TVS Apache RTR 160Single Disc ABS38220 NA 1716
TVS XL Heavy DutySTD13398 NA 655
TVS Scooty ZestSE24502 NA 1045
TVS Jupiter GrandeDrum30380 NA 1083
TVS Apache RTR 180STD41764 NA 1744
TVS FieroF2 Drum34300 NA 1109
TVS Phoenix125 Drum25932 NA 1055
TVS Max4R LX21125 NA 1024
TVS FlameSR 125 Disc25333 NA 1051
TVS WegoDrum25932 NA 1055
TVS Apache RTR 200 Fi E100STD53931 NA 1842
TVS CentraSTD17150 NA 998
TVS Apache RR 310ABS157703 NA 3408
TVS Scooty StreakStandard21628 NA 1027
TVS XL SuperSE17150 NA 679
StarDLX19208 NA 1011
TVS JiveJive28420 NA 1071
TVS Velocity16017444 NA 681
TVS Insurance Price

Best TVS Model With Insurance Price

TVS Two-Wheeler ModelEstimated Comprehensive TVSBike Insurance Price
TVS ApacheRupees 5000+
TVS JupiterRupees 5000+
TVS XL 100Rupees 3000+
TVS Victor GL 100Rupees 3000+

Benefits of Buying TVS Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Protection from legal fines

As in India, it’s is mandatory to carry at least third-party Insurance with him while travelling. The Person found driving his bike without having Insurance can be Charged a Legal Fine by the Traffic Policy of India and it will be mandatory to pay that fine.

So you should always keep your Insurance Policy with you even within your city limits. to avoid the hassle of getting in trouble with the Law.

Protection against third-party liability

Comprehensive Insurance and Third Party Insurance provides you financial protection against third-party Legal Liability. The Third-party includes the 3rd Person or Someone’s Assets.

Indian Motor Vehicle act 1988 also recommends Vehicle owners have at least the Third Party Insurance Policy.

Financial coverage against theft

The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy Shields your pocket from financial losses that occurred due to Theft. It means that if your vehicle is stolen then its value can be claimed from the Insurance Company just by filling the claim and following some conditions.

Cover against natural and man-made disasters

The Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy also covers the damage that occurred due to any natural and man-made disasters. The Financial Losses can be recovered by filing a claim and getting your Bike Repaired By the Linked Garage.

Personal accident cover

The Comprehensive and the Standalone Own Damage Insurance protects the Insurance Policy Holder from the Damage occurred to the Vehicle due to some circumstance such as accidents, own damage etc.

Peace of Mind

Repairing of any Vehicle Damage can give Heavy Load on the Owners Pocket. But by having an Insurance Policy the Vehicle Owner can have Peace of Mind as if any damage occurs then he can get his vehicle repaired at no cost just by filing a claim on the behalf of his Insurance Policy.

Top Bike Insurance Companies in India 2022

Top Bike Insurance Companies in India 2022

If You are wishing to Choose the Best out of Best Insurance Company for your Two Wheeler. Then these are the Best Insurance Companies that you can pick:

S. No.Insurance CompanyNetwork GarageClaim Settlement Ratio
1.Bajaj Allianz General Insurance4,000+88.83% in FY20
2.Bharti Axa General Insurance5,200+87.99% in FY20
3.Hdfc Ergo General Insurance6,800+91.23% in FY20
4.Icici Lombard General Insurance8,800+87.71% in FY20
5.Iffco Tokio General Insurance4,300+95.30% in FY20
6.Kotak General Insurance1,300+82.81% in FY20
7.National General Insurance3,100+85.71% in FY20
8.New India General Insurance3,000+89.60% in FY20
9.Reliance General Insurance6,200+84.26% in FY20

You can also try to go with any insurance broker such as Aditya Birla tvs insurance or TVs insurance broking limited / TVs insurance breaking ltd.

How to Choose Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Key Features of TVS Insurance Policy

The Insurance niche is developing day by day in which new and advanced companies are stepping in as Insurance Provider. So to be in the market all the companies are trying to give the best features (Benefits) to their Policy Holder.

In the Market, there is a wider range of features available for Bike Insurance in which some of the most common and appreciatable features are mentioned and discussed here.

Steps to Buy TVS Insurance Online

Steps to Buy TVS Insurance Online

Now to buy TVS Insurance Policy You have 2 Lanes: 1st Lane Go for the Purchase of TVS Bike Insurance and where the 2nd lane goes to the purchase of TVS Jupiter Insurance Policy. You can go with your Wished Lane as if you have TVS BIke then you can choose the 1st land and if TVS Scooter then Choose the 2nd Lane.

How to Purchase a Bike Insurance Plan for a TVS Bike?

  • Step 1. Firstly, Go to the Official Website of PolicyBazaar or InsuranceDekho.
  • Step 2. There Visit the Bike Insurance Page.
  • Step 3. Enter Your Bike Registration Number and Submit.
  • Step 4. Then Bike Owner Name will be appear, you just need to enter your Phone Number.
  • Step 5. Next, to it a variety of Insurance Policies will appear on your Screen.
  • Step 6. Choose the Most Comfortable Insurance policy for You.
  • Step 7. Add Your Add-ons.
  • Step 8. Make Your Payment and your Insurance Policy will be with You.

How to Purchase a Bike Insurance Plan for a TVS Jupiter?

  • Step 1. To Buy TVS Jupitor Insurance, Firstly Go to the Official Website of PolicyBazaar or InsuranceDekho.
  • Step 2. There Visit the “Buy Two Wheeler Insurance” Page.
  • Step 3. Enter Your Jupitor Registration Number.
  • Step 4. Then the Jupitor or the Scooty owner name will appear, you just need to enter your Phone Number.
  • Step 5. Next, to it a variety of Insurance Policies will appear on your screen.
  • Step 6. Choose the Most Comfortable Insurance policy for You.
  • Step 7. Add Your Add-ons.
  • Step 8. Make Your Payment and your Insurance Policy will be with You.

TVS Insurance Coverage

What is Covered Under Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

If You are looking to buy Bike Insurance then you Should Probably know about what is covered in the Two-Wheeler Insurance policy. So to know about the Coverage below is all the details that a Bike Lover, should know while purchasing the Insurance:

  • Losses and damages occured due to natural climaties:
    Any Losses and damage to your Insured Vehicle due to any natural climaties such as EarthQuake, tusunami, Lightning, Storm, flood, huricane, cyclone, tempest, landslide, rockslide and more will be covered with Insurance Policy.
  • Losses and Damages occured due to Man-Made Climaties:
    Any Losses and Damages to your Insured Vehicle due to any Man-Made Climaties or disasters such as accident with 3rd party, any terrirism activity and other damages will be recovered with the Insurance Policy.
  • Losses and Damages occured to 3rd Party:
    Any Losses and damages occured to 3rd party is a liability for the Driver or for the Car Owner. WIth Insurance the PolicyHolder can get a shield in which all the losses can be recovered by filing a claim to the Insurance Company for the Third Party Liability. Here the Third Party Liability can be Living Being or any Asset such as Property.
  • Own Damage Cover:
    Any Damage Occured to the Insured Vehice can be repaired at no charges just by having a Own Damage TVS Insurance Policy or by Comphrensative Insurance Policy. In which the Insurance Safegurages the Policyholder from any losses or damages occured by the means of natural climaties, man-made climaties, fire and explosion, theft and so more.
  • Personal Accidental Cover:
    The Insurance covers the Personal Accidenatl Cover of upto 15 Lacks for the injuries or any disability of the policy holder / Driver or the Owner of Car. The Persoanl Accidental Cover is applied for injuries occured while travelling, mountaining, dismountaing with the Insured Vehicle. The Insurance Buyer can also insured the Co-Passensger by adding addons at extra charges.
  • Theft or Burglary:
    If Your Two Wheeler (Bike or Scooter) gets stolen then you can get the componsate for your Insured Vehice by filling a claim.
  • Fire and explosion:
    Insurance also covers any damage and losses occure due to fire and explosion.

What is Not Covered Under Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

While Buying your TVS Insurance you should know that these are the things that will not be covered in Insurance:

  • Any Losses or Damage occured by normal wear and tear to the Vehicle.
  • Loss from electrical Breakdown.
  • Depreciation from regular use.
  • Any Damage to Tyre or Tube in the normal travelling.
  • Any Loss or Damage occured to the Insured vehicle caused due to driving of the person without having a driving licence.
  • Any Damage or Loss occured due to driver while driving with the influence of drugs or alchole.
  • Any Losses or Damage occured to Insured vehicle due to War or Nucelear misshapening.

Two Wheeler Insurance Add-ons

Depreciation Allowance

Depreciation Allowance is one of the most popular and most useful add-ons for your Vehicle. Depreciation Allowance is also known as the Zero Depreciation, Nill Depreciation and the Bumper to Bumper Insurance Cover. It is used to remove the depreciation, as if you file a claim for your TVS then an amount will be deducted from your claim money as a form of depreciation. then at that time Depreciation Allowance helps you to get rid of any cut and to get the full repairing cost back. Remember that this Depreciation allowance will work only for the First 2 Claims.

Return-to-Invoice Cover

Return-to-Invoice Cover is one of the money-back add-ons in which if the Insured vehicle is stolen or damaged by Accident then the Policy Holder will get the full amount of money that the buyer had paid on buying his or her vehicle. As if the person is not having the Return-To-Invoice Cover on its TVS Insurance Policy then the PolicyHolder will get the claim amount on the behalf of its Current Market Value .e., the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the bike. But with these add ons you will get the full money back of your Invoice Value.

Emergency Medical Expenses

This Emergency Medical Expenses add-on includes reimbursement of emergency medical expenses and ambulance costs that occurred due to meeting with an accident while driving the Insured Car. This also includes all the expenses that occurred to take you to the hospital until the injured rider gets admitted.

Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver

This Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver is an Insurance Cover used to safeguard you and your family in case of serious injuries or fatality caused by an accident.

Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover

The Additional Third-party Property Damage Cover or addon is a Shield to protect the Driver’s or the Owner’s Pocket to get rid of any legal third party Insurance Claim. This Insurance cover will stand for the policyholder to pay any losses that occurred to the third party that arises to meet with an accident. Third-Party here stands for the Third Person or the Third Person’s Property or asset.

Consumables Expenses

The Consumables Expenses will cover all the damage or losses that occurred to the Insured Vehicle Consumables in which with this add-ons or Cover the PolicyHolder can get the Reibushnment for his vehicle Consumables Repairing Charges. Here the Consumables includes screw, nuts/bolts, washers, bearings, clip, engine oil, gearbox oil, brake oil, grease, lubricants, distilled water and other consumables, excluding fuel.

TVS Insurance renewal

TVS Insurance renewal

TVS Insurance Renewal is just a 2 Minutes work. As the Insurance field is developing and as a result, all the Insurance Services are available digital in an advance and time-saving manner. So if you want to renew your TVS Insurance Online then you can perform some 6 to 7 Easy Steps and your Insurance will be successfully renewed just by sitting at your Home.

So How can you get your TVS Insurance Renewal? To get your Insurance Renewed you just need to follow the below steps. In which the 1st is for the TVS Scooters such as TVS Jupiter Renewal, TVS Scooty Pep Insurance, TVS Streak Insurance. The 2nd Way belongs to the TVS Bike Insurance or TVS Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal which includes the steps for TVS Apache Insurance, TVS Star Sports Insurance & TVS Star City Insurance.

TVS Jupiter Insurance Renewal

  • Step 1. Visit Your Insurance Provider Website either it is Tata Aig, HDFC ERGO or any Other.
  • Step 2. Visit the Insurance Renewal Page.
  • Step 3. Enter Your Jupitor Insurance Policy Number.
  • Step 4. Enter Your Phone Number
  • Step 5. Select Your Policy.
  • Step 6. Make Your Payment and Your Insurance Will be Renewed.

TVS Bike Insurance Renewal

  • Step 1. Visit Your Insurance Provider Website either it is Tata Aig, HDFC ERGO or any Other.
  • Step 2. Visit the Insurance Renewal Page.
  • Step 3. Enter YourTVS Bike Insurance Policy Number.
  • Step 4. Enter Your Phone Number
  • Step 5. Select Your Policy.
  • Step 6. Make Your Payment and Your Insurance Will be Renewed.

Why do you need insurance for TVS?

There’s not a Single Reason to buy TVS Insurance but in the market, there’s a lot of Important reasons that advise ensuring your TVS with TVS Insurance.

  • Insurance Safe you From any Penalities and Legal Fines.
  • Secure You Two-wheeler against the damages occured due to natural as well as man-made climaties.
  • Insurance protects against the finincial losses occured to the Third Party.
  • If Your Insured Vehicle Get’s Stolen then you can get proper reibushment by your Insurance Company.

How To File Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Online?

If Your Insured TVS Vehicle is Damaged or Stolen then it makes it repair or get the Reibushment you can file a TVS Insurance Claim. The Claim process will just take a few hours or sometimes a few business days to meet the successful claim. So below are the easy steps that you need to follow to file a TVS Insurance Claim:

Documents Required for Filing a Bike Insurance Claim

Documents Required for Filing a Bike Insurance Claim

To file a Claim the PolicyHolder has to collect some of the Important documents that are required for filing a successful bike Insurance Claim. So below is a proper Checklist for the Required Document. Make sure to get a Successful claim you have to collect all the documents with you:

Insurance Policy number, Engine and chassis number, Contact details, Details of the insured person, Details of the accident/theft (date, time, place, etc.), Details of the motor vehicle (number, model, class, manufacture year, registration details, etc.), Approximate loss figure, Description of the event (theft, accident, etc.), Details of the other vehicle involved, in case of an accident, Declaration and contact details of witnesses, Claim/reference number

Steps – TVS Insurance Policy Download

IF you had lost your Insurance Policy Document then to get it back you can go with the following steps and your Insurance Policy will be with you in a few minutes. So here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Your Insurance Provider Webiste
  • Step 2. Visit the Policy Download Center or Policy Download Page.
  • Step 3. Enter Your PolicyNumber or Your Phone Number linked to your Insurance Policy
  • Step 4. An OTP will be Send on Your Linked Mobile Number.
  • Step 5. Enter the Valid OTP.
  • Step 6. Your TVS Insurance Policy Copy will be Downloaded and Saved in your Device.

One Short – TVS Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase insurance for my Tvs bike?

If You want to buy affordable and risk-free insurance then you can try to buy it online on the Top Most Trusted Insurance Companies available in India such as Tata AIG, HDFC Ergo, SBI General, Shriram General Insurance, icicilambord, Bajajaliance, acko and GoDigit Insurance.

Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Tvs bikes?

The Insurance Companies that you can choose for TVS Insurance with the Highest Claim Settlement Ratio are FFCO Tokio General Insurance (96.44%), Royal Sundaram General Insurance (94.07%), and The Oriental Insurance Company (93.16%).

Which insurance add-ons should I buy for Tvs bikes?

There are a variety of add-ons available in the Market but below is the list of the Top Most valuable add-ons that you can choose while buying your TVS Insurance:
1. Depreciation Allowance
2. No Claim Bonus (NCB)
3. Return-to-Invoice Cover
4. Emergency Medical Expenses
5. Additional Personal Accident Cover for the Owner-Driver
6. Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover
7. Consumables Expenses
8. Roadside Assistance

Why should I purchase a TVS bike insurance policy?

There are uncountable reasons to purchase a TVS Bike Insurance Policy instead of ignoring it. Some of the main reasons are mentioned below:
Insurance offers PolicyHolder to any risk coverage towards self physical injury, damage/loss of the vehicle and third-party liability. Insurance also helps to stay away from any legal problems such as imprisonment and legal financial losses in the form of Challan.

What are the different types of bike insurance plans?

There are mainly Three types of Bike Insurance Plans available in the Market i.e., Comprehensive Insurance, Standalone Own-damage Insurance and Standalone Third-Party Insurance.

How to find my TVS insurance policy number?

`To Find Your TVS Insurance Policy Number You can just simply Check out your Insurance Policy Copy and your Policy Number will be highlighted.

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